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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Chinese reality

In the midst of data about the Chinese economy and a Chinese middle class nearly as large as the population of the European Union, there are stark reminders that China is not a wealthy country.

12-year tuition-free education unrealistic

"China's Ministry of Education says it's unrealistic to implement a 12-year tuition-free education system nationwide due to a lack of available funds. However, China will focus on strengthening its existing nine-year free compulsory education.

"Sun Yunxiao, vice director of the China Youth & Children's Research Centre, says 27 counties in China still have difficulties providing a nine-year tuition-free compulsory education for children living there. China is still a developing country and doesn't have enough money to provide students all over the country with another three years of free education.

"However, officials from the Education Ministry have indicated that the country will encourage local governments to popularize a 12-year tuition-free education according to their own financial situation..."

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