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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Uncontrolled communication a threat

Hacking in Russia disrupted some high level sites. Now the FSB wants control of the Internet.

In Russia, official proposes curtailing Internet freedom
At the end of a week of cyberattacks on popular, freewheeling Russian Web sites, which bloggers have blamed on shadowy government agencies, a top official with the federal security service on Friday proposed a ban on Skype, Gmail and Hotmail here because their use is “uncontrolled.”…

The foreign e-mail and communications Web services use encryption technology that makes them inaccessible to the security agency, said Alexander Andreyechkin, head of the FSB’s information and special communication center. That, he said, represents a threat to national security…

The Internet in Russia is a raucous and — so far — unfettered gathering place. Denial-of-service attacks have targeted LiveJournal sites and that of Novaya Gazeta, Russia’s most outspoken newspaper. Bloggers say the attacks are an effort to bring the Web here under control, a suspicion heightened by Alexander Andreyechkin's remarks (he's head of the FSB’s information and special communication center)…

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