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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Searching blog entries

A reader asked about how to search these blog entries.

I thought I knew. But when I went to the blog and to the "Delicious" index, I couldn't find where to enter search terms.

My son, the IT major sorted out part of the problem very quickly.

When I sign in as blog author, the search boxes don't appear. When I'm not signed in, they do appear. So, they should appear for you.

When opening the blog, you should see this in the top left hand corner:

Type in your search term, hit return and you should get a list of blog entries than have been tagged with that term.

On the "Delicious" index (link on the right hand menu of the blog), you should see this:

Type in your search term next to the magnifying glass icon and blog name,

 hit return and you should get a list of blog entries that include that term.

An advantage of the "Delicious" index is that you can search by more than one term if you put commas between search terms.

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