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Wednesday, August 03, 2016


Just an alert.

Maybe it's not unusual for blogs, but we have attracted hundreds of "page views" every day for the past few weeks from Russia.

I don't know of any AP programs in Russia and certainly there aren't enough students/teachers/classes there to earn over 10,000 page views from Russia during the last 30 days (or over 400 page views from the Ukraine).

I suspect that these "page views" are prospecting spammers looking for vulnerabilities in the blog and hoping to harvest e-mail addresses and more from readers.

Google's Blogger (our host) and this blog have lots of safeguards in place. A couple spammers have, over the years, gotten through to a couple e-mail addresses, but nothing terrible has happened.

But, if the blog disappears for awhile, it will probably be because of attacks from spammers in Russia, Ukraine, or maybe even Mauritius (nearly 200 "page views" in the last month).

Read on and enjoy what's left of summer.

Ken Wedding
College City Publications



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