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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A firm hand by Iran By its own account the Iranian government is going to great lengths to control social media. Especially social media used by younger people. Can it work there better than it does in China?

Iran bans 14 thousand websites and accounts weekly
Iranian Prosecutor Ahmad Ali Montazeri, who presides the Internet censorship Committee in the country, has banned and closed 14 thousand websites and social networking accounts in Iran.

In an interview with al-Khabar Iranian channel on Tuesday, Montazeri stressed that the main reason behind this decision was the content of these websites and pages that was “against the religion and ethics.”
Montazeri added: “we are under an attack targeting our religious and national values by foreign channels and hostile networks.”…

Security forces announced the arrest of young active men and women who were spotted by the “internet army” as organizing online catwalks on Instagram.

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