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Monday, April 24, 2017

Don't even think about it

The Communist Party of China is reading the Chinese version of tweets. Don't say anything wrong.

China’s party officials warned not to cross ‘red lines’ while using WeChat: Disciplinary watchdog identifies eight prohibited behaviours
Disparaging party policies, sharing pornography and spreading rumours are among eight “red lines” Chinese Communist Party officials must not cross while using WeChat, a popular social media platform, the ruling party’s disciplinary watchdog has instructed.

As with many other large organisations that seek to moderate their members’ social media presence, the 88-million-member Chinese Communist Party has been attempting to control the words and acts of its officials on WeChat…

According to a notice… the other prohibited behaviours are accepting electronic “red envelopes” of money transfers, vote-rigging, leaking confidential information, opening online shops and publishing “inappropriate” statements…

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