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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Get ready, park, go?

The politicians put on a brave face; the bureaucrats test out emergency options

No-deal Brexit: plan to use airfield as lorry park to get live test
The government is to use up to 150 lorries in a major test of its plans to cope with border disruption in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

A live test on Monday will examine the proposal to use Manston airfield near Ramsgate as a mass “HGV holding facility” to alleviate congestion on the roads leading to Channel ports, the Department for Transport has confirmed…

A DfT [Department for Transportation] spokeswoman said: “We do not want or expect a no-deal scenario and continue to work hard to deliver a deal with the EU. However, it is the duty of a responsible government to continue to prepare for all eventualities and contingencies, including a possible no deal…

Congestion at the Channel ports caused by the reintroduction of customs checks on goods has been one of the most commonly cited potential negative impacts of a no-deal withdrawal from the EU at the end of March.

Meanwhile, the Brexit secretary, Stephen Barclay, said a second EU referendum would “trigger a very populist reaction” and would further divide the UK…

The comments echoed those of his cabinet colleague Jeremy Hunt, after the foreign secretary said this week the consequences for democracy of another referendum would be “devastating”.

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