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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Finally, the Queen spoke

The BBC reported on the Queen's Speech at today's State Opening in Westminster.

Blair plans final security blitz

"Plans to combat terrorism, crime and anti-social behaviour will dominate Tony Blair's final months in office.

"Tackling climate change and reforming pensions will also be key parts of the government's programme of 29 bills for the coming Parliamentary session.

"There will also be moves to strengthen border controls, prevent illegal working and push ahead with ID cards...

"Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell said this Queen's Speech was 'remarkably similar to those which have gone before' and included too much legislation.

"'This is a prime minister trying to legislate his way into history,' added Sir Menzies.

"Later on Wednesday Conservative leader David Cameron, who warned against a watered down Climate Change Bill, and Sir Menzies, will give their reaction to the package to MPs in the House of Commons."

Full text of Queen's Speech


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