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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Transparency rules = transparent practices?

The rules are new and comprehensive. Will enforcement be comprehensive?

In move to fight corruption, Chinese officials now required to report marital status, location of families
China issued a new anti-corruption regulation Sunday to require officials to report changes in their marital status, the whereabouts of their spouses and children if they have moved abroad, personal incomes, housing as well as their family' s investments…

According to the regulation, if officials fail to report honestly or in a timely fashion, they would face punishment to various degrees, even as harsh as removal of official ranks….

New government transparency rules strike chord with public
Thousands of Chinese have joined a heated discussion about new rules that are designed to curb corruption and increase transparency about the assets of government officials…

The new rules have struck a public chord and almost 50,000 people had left comments on China's two biggest Internet portal websites on Monday. Thousands more were joining the discussion on other news sites and discussion forums…

Most of the published postings welcomed the new rules, but some said they should go further…

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