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Thursday, July 05, 2012

How did we get here?

The election is over, but the controversies remain. Last time Mexico elected a president, the controversies involved vote counting. This time they seem to involve subversive campaigning.

Mexican media scandal: secretive Televisa unit promoted PRI candidate
A secretive unit inside Mexico's predominant television network set up and funded a campaign for Enrique Peña Nieto… according to people familiar with the operation and documents seen by the Guardian.

The new revelations of bias within Televisa, the world's biggest Spanish-language broadcaster, challenge the company's claim to be politically impartial as well as Peña Nieto's insistence that he never had a special relationship with Televisa…

Televisa refused to comment on the specifics of the documents but denied suggestions it had favoured the PRI, saying it had done political work for all the major parties.

The documents, which consist of scanned copies of signed contracts as well as other instructions and proposals, suggest that Televisa subsidiaries and named Televisa executives took part in the project, putting their employees and knowhow to work to the benefit of Peña Nieto in the buildup to crucial 2009 midterm congressional elections…

A central part of the [plan]… according to one source, was distributing pro-PRI campaign videos through mass emailing and promotion on sites such as YouTube…

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