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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What's on the minds of NPC delegates?

Journalists are always looking for stories behind the story. So the National Peoples Congress is in session. What are delegates talking about (that's not in the official press releases)? Read the social media.

What’s Under Discussion at One of China’s Biggest Political Gatherings
It’s that time again, when more than 5,000 delegates to China’s National People’s Congress… meet in Beijing to endorse legislation and discuss government plans for the coming year. They talk about their policy ideas… and coverage of their proposals and the online comments they attract provide glimpses into some of the issues on the minds of Chinese today.

End All Birth Restrictions. Lower the Marriage Age…

Drop English from the University Entrance Exam…

Make Parental Negligence a Crime…

More Holiday Time… [for Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, known as Spring Festival]…

Stack the Dead… [cemeteries are too expensive]

Make It Easier for People to be Registered Where They Work…

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