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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Just what was expected

Chinese President Xi, given his emphasis on unity and obedience, said exactly what everyone expected during Hong Kong's "celebration" of 20 years under Chinese control.

Xi Delivers Tough Speech on Hong Kong, as Protests Mark Handover Anniversary
President Xi Jinping of China delivered a tough speech Saturday at the end of a three-day visit to the semiautonomous Chinese city of Hong Kong, warning against politicizing disputes or challenging the authority of the central government…
Site of Xi's speech
His praised the city for its success as a prosperous global hub of trade and finance, but he also warned against resistance to Beijing’s control and influence, which has bubbled here for years…

He cautioned that “making everything political or deliberately creating differences” will “severely hinder Hong Kong’s economic and social development.”…

Mr. Xi said the key to Hong Kong’s success was the “one country, two systems” formulation, under which Hong Kong maintains its own legal, economic and local political system. But many in the city worry that the system is eroding under growing pressure from mainland China…

Hong Kong residents march to defend freedom as China’s president draws a ‘red line’
Tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents marched through the streets in defense of their cherished freedoms Saturday, in the face of what many see as a growing threat from mainland China exactly two decades after the handover from British rule...

“He’s threatening Hong Kong’s people, saying he has the power to make us do what he wants,” said Anson Woo, a 19-year-old student. “But I still have hope. Seeing all the people around me today, the people of Hong Kong are still fighting for what we value.”...

A poll by the Chinese University of Hong Kong showed people here attach greater importance to judicial independence and freedom of the press than to economic development. Any notion that Hong Kong as a city is only about making money is clearly not accurate...

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