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Friday, December 15, 2017

One step at a time

The UK and the EU have taken the first step in unwinding the treaty links between them. Now, it's on to the next steps. (If PM May can overcome the demands by some in Commons for a vote on the final treaties.)

Brexit: EU leaders agree to move talks to next stage
EU leaders have agreed to move Brexit talks on to the second phase but called for "further clarity" from the UK about the future relationship it wants.

The first issue to be discussed, early next year, will be the details of an expected two-year transition period after the UK's exit in March 2019.

Talks on trade and security co-operation are set to follow in March…

While securing a deal in time for the UK's exit in March 2019 was realistic, [Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council] suggested that the next phase would be "more challenging and more demanding"…

The EU has published its guidelines for phase two of the negotiations… The three page document says the UK will remain under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and be required to permit freedom of movement during any transition period…

The EU and the UK both want a deal to be done, and while there has, inevitably, been grumpiness on both sides, they have, in the main, dealt with each other in good faith…

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