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Friday, February 23, 2018

Corruption ranking

NGOs rank nation states in many ways, hoping highly-ranked countries will be rewarded and those ranked low will have an incentive to reform. Those hopes do not always lead to reform. How would a higher ranking change things for Nigeria?

Transparency International Ranks Nigeria 148th World's Least Corrupt Country
Global anti-corruption watchdog, Transparency International (TI), has again ranked Nigeria low in its 2017 Corruption Perception Perception Index (CPI)…

The latest ranking has Nigeria in the 148th position out of 180. The country, according to the CPI, scored 28 out 100, a figure lower than the average in the Sub-Sharan region.

CPI score relates to perceptions of the degree of corruption as experienced by business people and analysts and ranges between 100 (highly clean) and 0 (highly corrupt). (Read TI's web site for an explanation of their methodology.)

The other AP countries and two others:
  • New Zealand (1st)
  • United Kingdom (8th)
  • United States (16th)
  • China (77th)
  • Russia (135th)
  • Mexico (135th)
  • Iran (130th)
  • Nigeria (148th)

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