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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A sign of a new politics in China?

A series of photographs of a decrepit school building compared to lavish government buildings has become a phenomenon on the Web in China. Will this bring about change? Is the publication of the photographs the change?

English version: The Most Run-down School in Guangdong

Chinese version: 广东省最破烂的学校

"This is the Jiutang School in Fukeng district, Zhongba town, Zijin county, Heyuan city, Guangdong province. It has seen 60 years of storms but the students are still learning under such appalling conditions. During the rainy season each year, the teachers and students live in fear. These conditions have existed for several decades. However, the Heyuan city leaders, the Zijin county leaders and the town government have not paid any attention. Should these young flowers of the motherland be subjected to such devastation?..."

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