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Saturday, February 07, 2009

ABBA in Russian politics

In the US, banks receiving public bailout funds embarrass themselves by paying out big bonuses to executives. In Russia, the questions are: Did Putin spend a pile of rubles for a private concert by an Abba cover band? And does the macho Russian PM really like Abba's music? (President Medvedev is a Deep Purple fan.)

Putin denies dancing to Abba hits

"An Abba tribute band says it has performed a private concert for Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

"Bjorn Again says it was paid £20,000 to play the gig 200 miles (320km) north of Moscow on 22 January...

"The PM's spokesman denied the claim. Mr Putin - a former KGB spy who has a black belt in judo - is known in Russia and the West for his macho image...

"The four-member group says Mr Putin and about seven other guests, including a woman, were present at the concert, but they sat on a sofa veiled by a curtain...

"'He [Putin] was dancing along in his seat to Super Trouper and raised his hands in the air during Mamma Mia when we asked the audience to,' [Aileen McLaughlin, who performs as Abba's blonde Agnetha Faltskog] said..."

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