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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An argument for transparency

The blogger "CareTaker" posted this on AfricaLoft.

Would your students agree with the thesis? How about Imnakoya's argument Nigeria: can we Wiki our elected officials? referred to at the end of CareTaker's post?

On Legislators’ Pay and Performance

"Daily Trust, Nigeria, takes a look at Nigerian legislators wondering if they are worthy of their pay: 'The two chambers of the National Assembly have little to show as achievements in the over two years since they were sworn-in. Presently, several bills, including the 2009 budget, still await endorsement by the legislators.'...

"And to expect the electoral reform committee to solve 'the performance issue' — as the newspaper has suggested — is to be in denial or just naive...

"Rather than looking at some VIP to proffer solutions that won’t work, why not empower those that have the answers and matter most — the people, the electorate — make the call? Are we not in a democracy?

"What I’m saying is give the people the means to assess — systematically and with little bias — the performance of their legislators. This is how to be empowered. This is how to nurture the electorate to face its responsibilities in a democratic setting...

"The more I look at this, the more it looks like the scorecard proposal that’s being discussing here."

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