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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Woman presidential candidate in Iran

Iranian women can run for president

"There is no restriction on women standing in this year's presidential election, a spokesman for constitutional watchdog the Guardians Council said, according to a Mehr news agency report on Saturday.

"'Women have sought to be candidates in the past and the Guardians Council has no special opinion. There are no restrictions and no law on the nomination and assessment of women candidates,' Abbas-Ali Kadkhodaye said...

"To describe candidates for the presidency, the Iranian constitution uses the word rejal, which in Arabic implies a man but which in Farsi means a political figure.

"'The council has never put an interpretation on the word rejal,' Kadkodaye said.

"The comments come shortly after former MP Rafat Bayat (left) on Friday told the Mehr News Agency that she plans to run in the upcoming presidential race.

"On May 20 the Guardian Council will release a list of presidential candidates who can run in the June 12 election."

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