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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Nigerian election (finally)

An election, the results thrown out by a court, was re-done. But the electoral commission refused to release the results because there was so much corruption. Now, the election has been re-re-done. Controversy continues.

PDP wins Nigerian state election

"Nigeria's governing People's Democratic Party (PDP) has narrowly won a disputed re-run election for the post of governor in south-western Ekiti state.

"Turnout was said to be low, amid tight security. An earlier re-run of the vote last week crumbled amid claims of fraud, violence and intimidation.

"Furious opposition leaders cried foul and vowed to challenge the result in a state they regard as a stronghold.

"The original poll two years ago was won by the candidate of the governing PDP.

"The BBC's Caroline Duffield, in the region, says the latest outcome means he will now return to office...

"The poll was seen as strategically important for both parties.

"Our correspondent says the PDP had hoped to prevent Action Congress winning a stronghold that could unite with the east of the country to challenge the governing party.

"Nigerian President Umaru Yar'Adua has said the situation in Ekiti underlines the need for urgent reform of Nigeria's election system, with the country's next general elections looming in 2011."

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