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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Cartel wars spread to politics

The wars between Mexican drug cartels seem to spreading to politics. These reports are from June 30 and July 2.

Mexico candidate wounded in attack
A candidate in next week's regional elections in Mexico has been critically injured in a gun attack in the south of the country.

Rosalia Palma, a candidate of the governing PRI party for the Oaxaca state assembly, was hit when her vehicle was fired on, officials said.

Her husband and an aide were killed…

Saturday's attack comes two days after the leader of the left-wing Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) in Oaxaca, Nicolas Estrada, was found dead with gunshot wounds…
Gunmen kill Mexico mayor candidate
Gunmen have shot dead a mayoral candidate in Mexico's forthcoming election, the latest in a series of violent attacks on politicians.

Officials said Ricardo Reyes Zamudio was kidnapped while attending a funeral in Durango state on Sunday. His body was found on Monday with bullet wounds.

The authorities have blamed the death on organised criminals…

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