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Friday, June 28, 2013

Academic standards

Can you get away with plagiarism if your source is obscure enough or if the original author is a friend?

Has Iran elected a cheater? Rowhani accused of PhD plagiarism
Excerpts of newly-elected President Hassan Rowhani’s Phd thesis, ‘The flexibility of Sharia with reference to the Iranian experience’, match sentences of a book written by an Iranian author, The Telegraph reported citing activists.

Parts of a book by Mohamad Hashem Kamani, the chairman of Iran’s International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies, appear in Rowhani’s Glasgow Caledonian University thesis, London-based writer Behdad Morshedi said…

A university spokesman confirmed that the school had received the same accusation from another activist in the United States, adding that the university will be looking into the issue…

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