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Friday, July 19, 2013

Paying the bills here at College City Publications

Once in a great while an advertisement shows up as the main blog post.

The original version of the Teaching Tools contains 50 tools which ask students the same questions about each of the six countries in the Advanced Placement course. The purpose is to encourage comparative thinking. 

The Teaching Tools package includes 14 FRQ questions for practice. There are rubrics for the tools and the FRQs as well as teaching ideas. As a bonus there's a chart illustrating which sections of the course outline and which of the tools are aligned with the chapters in 8 major comparative textbooks.

The new version is labeled v2.0. The 50 tools ask students questions that focus on the unique aspects of each political system. That gets at comparative thinking from a different angle.

There are 17 practice FRQs, rubrics, and teaching ideas. The correlation chart is included.

• The original version costs $44.95.
• v2.0 costs $44.95.
• You can buy both versions for $64.95.

The SECOND Edition of What You Need to Know: Teaching Tools is now available from the publisher



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