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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Defining the political spectrum in the UK

Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister of the government coalition, seemed to be describing the center-right to center-left spectrum of British politics.

Lib Dems must stay in government after 2015, says Clegg
Nick Clegg has warned that the formation of a single-party government after the next election is one of the "biggest risks" to the UK's economy.

The deputy prime minister argued that Labour had not "learnt the lessons" of the 2008 crash, and the Conservatives did not focus enough on "fairness"…

In a wide-ranging interview… "We are working with the Conservatives effectively and we will do until May 2015 to repair the damage inflicted on the economy in 2008.

"Then you've got to build a fairer society and where I think the Conservatives don't have the same instincts in favour of fairness that we do. We are the only party in politics to marry the two."…

Mr Clegg… said: "You can't say, as the Conservatives seem to be saying at the moment, that we are all in it together and the very wealthy won't make an extra sacrifice...

"The Conservatives seem to be saying the working-age poor will be asked to make sacrifices to fill the gap in our finances."

He added: "If you have to balance the books, you mustn't balance the books on the backs of the working-age poor...

"Yes, you need to finish the job of clearing the decks for the next generation... but you've got to finish the job fairly, asking the people with the broadest shoulders to make the biggest contribution."…

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