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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Voting fraud in China

What? How can there be voting fraud in a system where there are practically no elections? Read on.

China poll fraud: top official Tong Mingqian sacked
A senior Chinese official has been sacked in relation to a major electoral fraud scandal, the Communist Party's discipline watchdog said.

Tong Mingqian, a Hunan official, was negligent and failed to handle the cases of bribery, the watchdog said.

More than 500 lawmakers in Hunan resigned last week after it emerged they had accepted bribes to elect provincial parliament members…

Tong Mingqian
Tong Mingqian was party chief of Hengyang City in Hunan when the provincial elections took place…

Investigations had revealed that 56 members of the Hunan People's Congress, the provincial parliament that rubber-stamps decisions, bribed lawmakers in Hengyang to elect them to their posts, state media reported earlier.

Municipal officials have the power to appoint representatives to the local People's Congress…

Xi Jinping has warned that corruption could topple the Communist Party, and launched an anti-corruption campaign he said would target both "tigers and flies" - high and low-ranking officials in the government.

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