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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Party membership in China

Let's see if I got this right: If you restrict the supply, membership should become more valuable. If it's more valuable, members should become more responsive to the direction by Party leaders.

CPC requires "prudent" recruitment of new members
Revamped rules on recruitment of Communist Party of China (CPC) members will apply more stringent standards to management of Party members, the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee vowed on Wednesday…
Under the new version, all localities and organizations are required to enlist new Party members in a "prudent" and "balanced" manner…

The rules stipulate that efforts should be made to limit the size of the Party and to improve its structure and quality…

Furthermore, stringent discipline should also be applied in the daily management of Party members, who should be enterprising and play exemplary roles, according to the new regulations.

Xie Chuntao, a professor with the Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC, said that recent years have seen unqualified members infiltrate the Party, while both corrupt officials and those who are inactive should be weeded out…

The new rules also highlighted the ideological credentials of Party members, providing that grass-roots Party organizations should absorb those who believe in Marxism, communism and socialism with Chinese characteristics, and those who practice socialist core values…

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