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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Elaboration on Bloom's Taxonomy

Thanks to Ken Halla for pointing to Allan Carrington's elaboration on Bloom's Taxonomy and his suggestions for how to achieve things defined by Bloom. Carrington is associated with The University of Adelaide.

I have pointed to Bloom's taxonomy before as a guide to designing teaching methods and materials. It's great to aim for those higher levels, especially in an AP course. I've also noted that AP testing only rarely asks students to go beyond Bloom's second cognitive domain. That doesn't mean you can't set expectations beyond application to analysis, evaluation, and creation.

The Padagogy Wheel, v3.0
Learning design starts with graduate attributes, capabilities, and motivation...

This Taxonomy wheel, without the apps, was first discovered on the website of Paul Hopkin’s educational consultancy website.

That wheel was produced by Sharon Artley and was an adaption of Kathwohl and Anderson’s (2001) adaption of Bloom (1956). The idea to further adapt it for the pedagogy possibilities with mobile devices, in particular the iPad, I have to acknowledge the creative work of Kathy Schrock on her website Bloomin’ Apps.

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What You Need to Know: Teaching Tools, the original version and v2.0 are available to help curriculum planning.

Just The Facts! is a concise guide to concepts, terminology, and examples that will appear on May's exam.

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