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Friday, October 17, 2014


Ken Halla, on his confusingly named usgovteducatorsblog recently posted links to the "flipped" AP Comparative GovPol lectures of one of his colleagues, Larry Stroud. There are 10 of Larry Stroud's lectures for comparative plus about a dozen for US GovPol.

Lawrence Stroud
The list of topics includes
  • The EU
  • Mexico: Political Institutions
  • Iran (two lectures)
  • Less Developed and Newly Industrializing Countries
  • China: Political Institutions
  • Communist-Post Communist Countries
  • China: Political and Economic Change
  • Russian Political Institutions (two lectures)
  • Advanced Democracies: UK
  • UK: Political Institutions

This is the result of great planning and effort and great generosity on Mr. Stroud's part.

I've watched two of them so far and would pick at some nits of details. Those are probably bits of disagreement rather than factual errors.

Thanks, Lawrence Stroud. And thanks to Ken Halla too. He does include good things about AP Comparative Gov Pol in his blog once in awhile.

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