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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ah, pedagogy

Not only does Ken Halla post things about Comparative Gov Pol on his US Gov't Teachers blog, he posts things about the art and science of teaching. Here's a link the latest. Cause for thought and discussion.

Mastery Learning
[T]he doctor who helped bring my son Grant into the world had only delivered ten kids prior to us... Lawyers who can't win for their clients the first time, can appeal and law makers often have to try year after year to get their bills or amendments through. But as a father of two middle schoolers, I see how motivated students can be and how much they (my girls) want to improve their scores if they didn't do well enough the first time.

I have been transitioning... the last few years to mastery teaching.

I think mastery teaching has also been possible as I work more one on one with each of my kids than I have ever had time to do before...

The Second Edition of What You Need to Know: Teaching Tools is now available from the publisher

The Sixth Edition of What You Need to Know is also available from the publisher.



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