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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Summary sheets

Ken Halla keeps sneaking Comparative Gov Pol things into his US Government Teachers Blog. (And I try to repost them to a wider audience. Summary/review sheets like this are great tools. I recommend using them in my What You Need to Know book.)

Today he offered a link to "Country Review Sheets AP Comparative."
He wrote, "Last year I started having my students fill out these country e-sheets for AP Comparative.

"I credit the assignment with [being] one of the reasons why my kids had some great scores last year...

"[W]e watch our flipped videos and discuss them. For my discussion I use the Socratic method and do it in a comparative sense so that the kids are constantly referring back to previous countries we have done. If you look at the AP Comparative multiple choice and FRQs this is what they do, so it is a good idea to constantly do it in class.

 "We also constantly refer back to US government so they do not forget that material as well."

The Sixth Edition of What You Need to Know is available here.

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