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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Alert! (Alerta!)

You did know there were elections in Mexico next month, didn't you?

They won't be mentioned in your textbook (even if you get brand new ones).

The results might not change anything significantly. Assassinations might provoke some policy changes. It's all stuff you should be aware of before teaching the course again.

Two candidates slain amid violence ahead of Mexico's June 7 elections
Two candidates in Mexico’s upcoming midterm elections were shot to death in different parts of the country amid a wave of violence and intimidation of candidates ahead of balloting next month…

Territorial disputes involving warring drug gangs, conflicts between armed “self-defense” groups and an increase in the number of police and soldiers on the ground have contributed to growing tensions…

The approach of federal and state elections on June 7 has only turned up the heat…

Security analyst Alejandro Hope said the violence, although nothing new, is a sign of the control that organized criminal groups hope to achieve through the elections. They back the candidates loyal to their interests and get rid of their rivals.

“In states like Guerrero and Michoacan, the violence could reduce how many people vote, and even how people vote and the local results of the poll,” said Hope…

Since 2008, 24 political candidates have been assassinated… and nine kidnapped during the run-up to elections in Mexico, according to the Integralia consulting firm.

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