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Monday, June 08, 2015

Mexican mid-terms

Elections in Mexico appear not to have changed much, but there are certainly signs of political instability.

Mexico elections: President's party set to retain power
In Mexico's elections for Congress, President Enrique Pena Nieto's Institutional Revolutionary Party and its allies look set to retain control.

On current projections, the PRI will win around 30% of the vote and see its number of seats drop slightly.

An independent candidate has won a state governorship for the first time since legal change allowed that…

The head of the National Electoral Institute, Lorenzo Cordova, said that the president's party and its allies look set to win between 246 and 263 seats in the 500-member lower chamber.

The opposition conservative National Action Party has won around 22% of the vote, he said…

Analysis by Katy Watson, BBC News, Mexico City

Ahead of the elections, there was a great deal of pessimism - the feeling among many that votes do not really matter, politicians here are all the same, and violence will continue no matter what.

But at a polling station on Sunday, in relatively peaceful Mexico City, there was a sense of duty among many - that voting was the only way to make a difference...

Despite President Pena Nieto's promises to restore peace in Mexico, these elections… have been some of the most violent in recent history…

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