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Thursday, October 15, 2015

And the UK's Conservatives...

Enough of this Labour Party politics, what are the Conservatives doing?

At Britain’s Conservative Party Conference, Eyes Are on David Cameron’s Job
David Cameron has no one else to blame. Having announced that he will not run for another term as Britain’s prime minister, even before he led his Conservatives to a surprising majority in the general election in May, the maneuvering for his job is underway.

So the Conservative Party’s annual convention this year has been… an audition of sorts for potential successors hoping to win hearts and minds…

[A]ccording to the British news media, as many as 18 Conservative lawmakers aspire to the leadership of their party. The prospect of succeeding Mr. Cameron is particularly enticing because of the dismal fortunes of the other political parties after the May election…

[T]he centrist Liberal Democrats, who had been in coalition with the Conservatives, slumped to just eight parliamentary seats, and the opposition Labour Party has now swung to the left…

Even the populist, right-wing U.K. Independence Party has been torn by infighting…

The Conservatives, however, also face their own internal strains, notably on issues including Europe, migration and welfare. Mr. Cameron’s promise to hold a referendum on British membership in the European Union has heightened passions on a subject that has been divisive for Conservatives since 1990, when the prime minister at the time, Margaret Thatcher, was ejected by her own party, partly because of her resistance to European integration…

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