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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Analyzing the politics

Examining the arguments and the participants in political disputes often sheds light on the nature of politics and the regime.

Iran President Pushes Back Over Anti-U.S. Crackdown
President Hassan Rouhani of Iran on Wednesday criticized the recent arrests of journalists and others by the Revolutionary Guard Corps…

His reaction signaled a deepening divide between his administration and hard-line adversaries over Iran’s future relationship with the United States and other Western powers. The hard-liners have vowed to severely limit dealings with the Americans despite the signing of an international agreement limiting Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for ending onerous American and European economic sanctions. Mr. Rouhani’s administration was the main advocate in Iran for that accord…

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, has declared that despite the nuclear deal, the United States remains Iran’s main enemy and cannot be trusted. The ayatollah has warned against what he has called Americans’ desire to infiltrate Iran culturally and economically to subvert the country’s revolutionary foundation…

A report about the meeting on Mr. Rouhani’s official website conspicuously omitted his critical remarks about the arrests, a possible indication of its delicacy given the internal political rivalries that have become apparent over his two-year-old term…

An anti-American backlash that has been gaining momentum in Iran since the nuclear agreement was reached in July has been abetted by state news media, much of it dominated or influenced by hard-liners…

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