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Friday, December 02, 2016

UKIP Manifesto

Bring back smoking in pubs and restaurants? Restoring the death penalty? Abolishing the National Health Service? In regards to the recent post titled Party Realignment in the UK, Alan Carter wrote from Oxford, noting that the UKIP manifesto (platform, for us Yanks) calls for some unusual items.

Alan Carter:
"I suppose being pro-EU ( it has problems and may collapse anyway)  I'm bound to be disappointed -  with UKIP, what interests is the policies apart from Brexit  that they might favour -
  • bringing back smoking in bars & restaurants
  • destroying the National Health Service
  • and restoring the death penalty   - which has the added bonus of ejecting the UK from the Council of Europe ( 51 countries incl. Russia and Turkey)  an thereby abrogating UK signature to the 1951 European Convention on Human Rights"
It turns out that UKIP membership thinks the decline in the number of people drinking in pubs and in the number of pubs could be mitigated by allowing pubs and restaurants a choice about being smoke free. No mention of consolidation of brewers and changes in society.

You can find a Power Point presentation of the most recent party manifesto online at the party's web site: 2015 UKIP Manifesto.

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