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Monday, May 15, 2017

Skeptical analysis

This analysis of Iranian politics comes from Al Arabiya, a Saudi-owned broadcaster whose perspective generally reflects the preferences of Saudi Arabian rulers.

Turns out the Saudis don't think much of Iranian democracy even though there are elections in Iran (unlike Saudi Arabia).

Why there is little electoral about elections in Iran
In the British and French elections, the votes of people will determine who enters 10 Downing Street or the Elyse presidential palace. However, in Iran Guardian Council of mullahs chooses the president through a sham election. What we are witnessing these days has no resemblance to the elections in any other country in the world…

Maintaining this façade is not easy for the Iranian government. One of the candidates approved by Khamenei and the Guardian Council is Ibrahim Reisi who is reported to have been involved in the massacre of thousands of political prisoners by members of death squad.

Their conflicts with Khamenei is over Khomeini’s legacy and is a power struggle…

But why are European governments blessing terrorist mullahs while they are torturing and executing Iranians everyday… Indeed, governments in the West have ignored the spirit of democracy…

The consequences of Iran’s policies are suppression, exporting terrorism and efforts to access nuclear bombs to survive. We can see that terror is reaching cities of Europe and is victimizing innocent citizens of Iran, the Middle East and around the world…

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