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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Parliamentary trivia

If it helps you remember the outlines of relationships between the head of state and the legislature in the UK, fine. If it doesn't help, it doesn't matter.

Parliament advertises for new Black Rod
Parliament is advertising for a new Black Rod to replace Lieutenant General David Leakey, who is retiring.

Black Rod is best known for a role in the State Opening of Parliament, knocking on the door of the House of Commons to summon MPs for the Queen's Speech.
Black Rod knocking on Commons' door
But the post-holder has year-round responsibilities for the security and maintenance of the House of Lords.

The successful applicant can expect to earn up to £93,000 per year…

The famous image of Black Rod has its origins in a tradition dating back to the Civil War.

Black Rod summons MPs to the Lords to hear the Queen's Speech but has the door to the House of Commons slammed in his face, and has to knock three times to gain entry.

Lieutenant General David Leakey
He is the Monarch's representative in the House of Lords and the routine is symbolic of the House of Commons' independence from the Crown…

The closing date for applicants is 10 October.

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