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Thursday, October 12, 2017


Part of the north-south cleavage in Nigeria is educational. Christian missionaries (and their schools) had greater successes in the south than in the mostly Muslim north. This imbalance had a role in causing the civil war since colonial and (after independence) Nigerian bureaucrats were mostly southerners.

Echos of that historic situation show up in this embarrassing example of misgovernment.

Kaduna primary teachers fail pupils' exam
Thousands of primary school teachers in Nigeria's northern Kaduna
state are to be sacked after failing the exams they set for their six-year-old pupils.

State governor Nasir El-Rufai said 21,780 teachers, two-thirds of the total, had failed to score 75% or higher on assessments given to pupils.

He said 25,000 new teachers would be recruited to replace them…

"The hiring of teachers in the past was politicised and we intend to change that by bringing in young and qualified primary school teachers to restore the dignity of education in the state," he was quoted as saying by Nigeria's Daily Trust newspaper…

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