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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Poll results from the UK

PM Gordon Brown profits from a financial crisis?

A couple months ago, polls showed Labour in real trouble. What a difference some time makes. And when the government has some options about election timing, they have the potential to preserve their power.

Main Parties Virtually Tied in Britain

"The advantage that Britain’s Conservative party enjoyed over the governing Labour party throughout this year has practically vanished, according to a poll by Communicate Research published in The Independent. 37 per cent of respondents would vote for the Tories in the next election to the House of Commons, while 36 per cent would support Labour...

"Britain has been hit hard by the global financial crisis. The government has intervened to save bankrupt banks and boost the economy...

"The next election to the House of Commons must be held on or before Jun. 3, 2010. Sitting prime ministers can dissolve Parliament and call an early ballot at their discretion..."

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At 9:59 AM, Blogger Ken Wedding said...

Things are fluid in British politics

Tories Lead Labour by Seven Points in UK

"The opposition Conservative party remains ahead of the governing Labour party in Britain, according to a poll by YouGov. 42 per cent of respondents would vote for the Tories in the next election to the House of Commons, while 35 per cent would support Labour.

"The Liberal Democrats are third with 14 per cent. Nine per cent of respondents would vote for other parties..."

At 9:17 AM, Blogger Ken Wedding said...

Tories regain lost ground as ICM poll shows faith in Gordon Brown waning

"Overall Conservative support is up six points since last month's Guardian/ICM survey. At 44% it is only one point below its 25-year ICM high. Labour is on 32% and the Liberal Democrats are on 16%...

"A key factor seems to be public opposition to bank bail-outs. There is strong support for some recession-beating measures such as the VAT cut and a programme of new public works. But only 43% back the government's decision to purchase large stakes in some banks, and only 40% think outright nationalisation would be a good idea...

"By contrast, backing for a job-creating scheme of public construction is near universal, at 85%, and 63% approve of the VAT cut..."

At 8:26 AM, Blogger Ken Wedding said...

18 February 2009
Conservatives lead Labor by 20 points

"Prime Minister Gordon Brown's Labor Party has fallen 20 points behind the surging Conservative Party as Britain's economic woes deepen...

"The poll suggests the brief bounce Brown enjoyed after he intervened to rescue the banking system has dissipated.

"The Conservatives enjoy backing from 48 percent of those who said they were 'absolutely certain' to vote while Labor got only 28 percent support from this group, the poll states..."


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