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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Electoral politics in Mexico

Daniel Wilson, writing in the blog Under the Volcano, summarizes a couple news stories about efforts by PAN and PRD to combat the resurgent popularity of PRI.

I have to take his word for this, since I can't read enough of the Spanish articles this post is based on. If you can read them, you can check out his interpretation at PAN y PRD van en alianza por 3 estados and PAN y PRD de novios.

PAN and PRD agree to state alliances to face PRI
The PAN and PRD agreed in principle to form electoral alliances in at least three states in the 2010 state elections: Sinaloa, Oaxaca, and Puebla. Twelve states elect governors this year, and another three have congressional or municipal elections. According to the deputy Secretary General of the PAN, Alfredo Rivadeneyra, the PRI’s dominance in these states meant, “There is an absence of alternation in power, which translates into a lack of democracy, transparency, and respect between the different branches of government.”

Commentators think that there are several more states where the two will field joint candidates to face the PRI juggernaut.

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