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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nigerian election finances

Solomonsydelle, in Nigerian Curiousity, offers details of the recently approved budget for the upcoming election. Can the INEC really spend all this money in time for a January election?

The Senate eventually agreed to give INEC $87.7 billion. That amount breaks down to include the following: 
  1. N4 billion for vehicles
  2. N3 billion for collapsible ballot boxes 
  3. N5.4 billion for the review of the voter register
  4. N10.8 billion for operations (personnel cost requirements and cost for registration of voters nationwide)
  5. N222 million for hotel accommodation for state INEC commissioners
  6. N3.66 billion for logistics and transport
  7. N502.5 million for training of staff for voter registration
  8. N10.3 million for printing of voter register 
  9. N5.4 billion to clean up the electronic voter register after election
  10. N155.5 million for Servicom
  11. N64.78 million for electoral hazards allowance
  12. N222 million for voter education, display of voter register across the 774 Local Government Areas

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