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Friday, February 03, 2012

Learn about Xi

Another recommendation from a former AP Comparative student, Jo Ling Kent: "Read this: a primer on the man slated to be China's next president (and current veep), Xi Jinping. He'll be in Washington and Iowa next week. By the unparalleled Jaime FlorCruz."

Who is Xi: China's next leader
Anyone interested in world affairs, Chinese diplomacy and China's future should know more about Xi Jinping…

Xi, 58, is in line to be China's next paramount leader. He is expected to succeed Hu when his second term ends in autumn this year and could rule China for 10 years…

Analysts say Xi is generally liked for his pragmatism, competence and a heritage of political reliability…

Little is actually known about Xi's political views, but analysts say he shares concerns about maintaining the rule of the communist party and social stability…

Xi's biggest challenge is how to deal with the new social media, given the divergent opinions within the Communist party…

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