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Friday, February 24, 2012

Nigeria struggles with terrorism

As if fighting corruption wasn't enough, the Nigerian government has to deal with a growing threat from terrorism.

23 February
2 police officers killed in north Nigeria city
Authorities say two police officers have been killed and two others wounded in an attack in a northern Nigeria city.

The attack happened Thursday morning in Kano…

22 February
Witness: New attack hits north Nigeria city a month after feared sect’s deadliest attack
Multiple explosions rocked a highway checkpoint in Nigeria’s second-largest city, witnesses said Wednesday, just over a month after a radical Islamist sect claimed an attack there that left at least 185 people dead.

The attacks raise fears that the radical Islamist sect is taking root in the northern city of Kano…

21 February
'Many killed' in attack on Nigerian market
Nigeria's military said it killed eight suspected radical Islamists who attacked a market in the northeastern city of Maiduguri, denying reports that dozens of civilians had been killed in the attack.

The military on Monday said three people were injured in the attack, but a local nurse told the Reuters news agency his hospital had received at least 20 bodies from the fighting.

At least 30 people had been killed, a medic and a witness also told the AFP news agency…

19 February
Bomb explodes near Nigeria church
At least five people have been wounded in a bomb explosion near a church in the Nigerian town of Suleja, on the edge of the capital Abuja, authorities and witnesses said.

The blast went off near Christ Embassy Church on Sunday and shattered glass of five vehicles, nearly destroying them, according to the Reuters news agency. Grey ash was cast across the ground.

"No person died in the Suleja explosion. One person was seriously injured and is now in hospital. Four victims had minor injuries while five vehicles were damaged," said Yushua Shuaib, a spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the blast but the radical Islamist group Boko Haram has been responsible for a series of deadly bombings in Abuja and in the country's northeast…

17 February
Federal prison stormed in Nigeria
Attackers have stormed a federal prison in Nigeria with heavy gunfire and explosives, killing one guard and freeing at least 119 inmates in a new assault, according to officials.

The details of the prison attack in Koton-Karifi, a town in Kogi state, just south of Nigeria's central capital Abuja, were announced on Thursday…

7 February
Explosion rocks military base in Nigeria
A blast has rocked an area near a military barracks in the northern Nigerian city of Kaduna but the cause of the explosion and the number of casualties are still not clear, according to an official.

Residents said Tuesday's incident occurred in the area of a military barracks known as the First Mechanised Division and that windows in an office complex there were shattered…

2 February
Nigeria arrests 'Boko Haram spokesman'
Nigeria's state security agents say they have arrested a man they say is a self-declared spokesman for Boko Haram, who frequently made statements to the media after attacks by the radical Islamist group.

A State Secutity Services (SSS) source said on Wednesday that a man they believed to be 'Abu Qaqa', a pseudonym used by the spokesman, was being held in the northern city of Kaduna.

"We are still talking to him. Since 'Abu Qaqa' is a pseudonym for the Boko Haram spokesman, we want to be sure of who we have with us. But we have been on his trail for months now. He's been changing locations and contacts," the source told the Reuters news agency…

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At 9:05 AM, Blogger Ken Wedding said...

24 February
Nigeria school set alight in Maiduguri

"A primary school has been attacked in the north-eastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri.

"Classrooms were set on fire overnight - the second non-denominational school to be targeted this week.

"Reporters say it bears the hallmarks of an attack by the Islamist Boko Haram group, which has recently threatened to attack non-Islamic schools..."

At 6:05 PM, Blogger Ken Wedding said...

26 February
Suicide Bombers Attack COCIN Headquarters in Jos During Service

"Two suicide bombers suspected to be members of the Boko Haram sect on Sunday morning, blew up the Church of Christ In Nigeria (COCIN) headquarters in Jos, Plateau State.

Morning service was being held in the church when the bombs went off…"


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