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Monday, May 07, 2012

Will the race be a run-away (as in decades past)?

As a rule, the gap between candidates in a campaign narrow as the election approaches. Will that happen in Mexico this year?  

Old party has big lead in Mexico presidential race
A month into Mexico's breakneck campaign season, the movie-star handsome candidate of the former ruling party is 20 percentage points ahead of his two main rivals and drawing tens of thousands of cheering supporters to tightly choreographed rallies that feel as much like victory celebrations as campaign events.
If the next two months go as planned, Enrique Pena Nieto will return the Institutional Revolutionary Party to Mexico's highest office 12 years after voters fed up with its corruption, mismanagement and repression of opponents ended its 71 years of autocratic rule.
What a Pena Nieto presidency would look like, however, remains unclear…
He has offered few specifics about how he would address Mexico's bigger problems like crime and poverty, sticking tightly to his broader themes of change and competence as he tries to ride his commanding lead to a victory in the July 1 elections…

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