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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How an Idea Becomes Law in Great Britain

Ken Halla posted a link to a helpful six-minute video on the Parliament web site titled "How an Idea Becomes Law in Great Britain." (Green papers, committees, white papers, royal assent, etc. all explained.)

(Try not to be too confused by the name of Ken Halla's blog. It's "US Government Teachers Blog." He teaches Comparative as well. He hasn't gotten round to creating a separate blog for it yet.)

At the end of the video, YouTube offers links to other videos from Parliament, including a two-part "Voting: What are Elections?" and tours of the Commons and Lords chambers.

By the way, I subscribe to Ken's blog via Google+. You can do the same.

How an Idea Becomes Law in Great Britain
For those of you teaching comparative government, this video on how an idea becomes law in Great Britain, should be of help.

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