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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

New availability of JSTOR articles

John Sides, writing on The Monkey Cage blog has news that is potentially valuable for teachers and students.

JSTOR is an online library of academic journals. You and your students have probably seen references to articles on JSTOR when searching for information on specific comparative topics (like my latest research topic, plantation agriculture in Nigeria). The disappointment came when you found that you could not access the material unless your library subscribed to JSTOR.

Things are changing.

JSTOR Cracks the Door
More than 700 publishers, in addition to the 76 that signed on initially, have agreed to make their journal content available to individual users through JSTOR’s Register & Read program, which launches in earnest today after the conclusion of a pilot that started last year.

The Register & Read program was designed to make access to JSTOR’s treasure trove of journal articles at least a little more open. While access to JSTOR’s full content is reserved for those with ties to libraries that purchase subscriptions, the Register & Read program lets anyone, university-affiliated or not, read—but not download or copy—up to three articles every two weeks, for free.

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