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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

AP review ideas

If you haven't seen Ken Halla's suggestions at Goggle+, they are worth looking over, WITH ONE MAJOR CAVEAT.

In his test taking strategies, he suggests that students offer more examples than they are asked for on Free Response questions.

It might be true on the US exam that incorrect examples are ignored, BUT that is NOT the case on the Comparative exam.

If students are asked for two examples and offer three or four, one or more of which are incorrect (i.e., not on the rubric), they cannot earn full credit. More harmful is offering two examples when asked for one and one of the offered examples is incorrect. In that case a student will earn no points for the example.

The test development committee explained that this scoring procedure is used to prevent students from earning points from just listing lots of examples in hopes of naming some correct ones.

Go look at the rest of Ken Hall's review and test taking ideas. They're good.

The reviewing and test taking strategies in What You Need to Know are also very good. (But you knew that I'd say that.)

The Fifth Edition of What You Need to Know is now available from the publisher. The "Impatience Special" will get the book to you by Express Mail (overnight to most addresses).



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