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Monday, August 12, 2013

Royal No No

If the British Royals want to risk their "allowances" from the government, all they have to do is appear to be involving themselves in politics. Tut, tut, Charles.

Prince Charles Facing Political 'Meddling' Claims
Prince Charles has had 36 private meetings with British Cabinet ministers in the last three years, and the large number has spurred accusations that the heir to the throne is meddling in politics…

They include seven with Prime Minister David Cameron since the May 2010 election.

The heir to the throne is expected to be politically neutral, but 64-year-old Charles has expressed strong opinions on issues including education, architecture, religion, the environment, organic food and homeopathy.

In an editorial, the usually pro-royal Daily Mail accused Charles of a "campaign of meddling."

Charles'… office said Monday that the prince had a duty "to bring his unique perspective" and experience into meetings with officials.

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