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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Issues in EU elections

Beverly Clinch, who teaches in Managua until the end of the semester and who will be teaching in North Carolina next semester, sent this link about big issues for many voters in the EU elections over the next several days.

Thanks, Beverly, these are great.

In graphics: Big issues in European election
On 22-25 May voters in the EU's 28 member states will elect their representatives in Europe. Their choices will affect 500 million EU citizens.

The European Parliament has greater powers than ever before, including influence over the EU budget, banking reform, agriculture and energy policy.

What does an examination of data reveal about key issues for Europe's voters?

Jobs: Reducing mass unemployment is one of the biggest challenges facing the EU…

Sovereignty: Opinion polls suggest a growth in Euroscepticis across Europe…

Migrants: The chart below shows the rise in migration, since 2007, from debt-ridden eurozone countries to industrialised countries where jobs are easier to find…

Energy: The cost of fuel is a big concern for many voters…

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