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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Another sign of a shift in Iranian policies

Thanks to Kevin James of Albany High School for pointing this one out. It is a significant sign of political direction of the government.

Report: Iran's Revolutionary Guard Chief Backs Nuclear Talks
The chief of Iran's Revolutionary Guard praised the work of the country's nuclear negotiators after they struck a deal with world powers, state television reported Tuesday, a major endorsement from the Islamic Republic's most powerful institution.

The comments by Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari came as some 200 hard-liners protested in Tehran against the framework deal reached last week in Switzerland. Jafari's endorsement likely will isolate those still opposing the deal further amid the widespread support negotiators have received and may smooth any potential parliamentary vote over it…

The Revolutionary Guard is the single most powerful institution in Iran. It exerts a strong behind-the-scenes role in Iranian affairs and likely would have to agree to any potential demands reached in negotiations, such as increased international monitoring at nuclear and related sites…

The deal, which is to be finalized by June 30, is to curb Iran's bomb-capable technology while giving Tehran quick access to bank accounts, oil markets and financial assets blocked by international sanctions.

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