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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Election of aristocrats

Electing aristocrats? It seems to be an oxymoron. But it's going on now in the UK's House of Lords.

House of Lords: 27 hereditary peers stand in election
A seat in the House of Lords is up for grabs, with 27 hereditary peers vying to join or, in several cases, re-join the Upper House.

The result of the "by-election" [was] triggered by the death of Lord Lyell…
House of Lords session

Among the candidates are relatives of ex-premiers Harold Macmillan and David Lloyd George and Lord Harlech, who at 30 would be among the youngest peers.

All peers currently sitting in the Lords were entitled to vote…

Under current conventions, when a hereditary peer dies, a by-election is held to elect a successor. This election was open to all those with hereditary titles on the register kept by the Clerk of the Parliaments…

The 27 contenders were asked to make the case for themselves in a series of short statements and potted biographies, in which they was also asked to indicate their political allegiances…

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